Noblu  Sleeveless Dress



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Noblu -Sleeveless Dress

This dress drapes like a dream due to the luxurious cotton jacquard fabric. Made from 97% cotton & 3% spandex for the perfect stretch. Added design feature of strip front pockets.

Designer piece handmade for premium fabrics.

Available in pale grey pattern.

Also available are matching jacket shown and flood pants.

About Noblu :

Noblu (a happy collection of separates) and Breakfast in Tokyo (casual yet edgy lifestyle clothing) are designed in Sonoma, California by Alexandra Ilyin and produced by her all-female company. She loves other women and wants to make their lives as fun and happy as possible. Everything is designed with a sense of wit and a desire to make clothes which are comfortable and becoming to the wearer, but also a statement of her creative, open attitude toward life.


Alexandra Ilyin, designer/owner of Noblu calls life "a wild ride"! "My father taught me that women are inspirational, beautiful beings to be treasured- and I have always believed him!" Brought up in the US and in Europe, little Alex was a hyperactive trouble maker, and not much has changed! Educated at UC Berkeley and UCLA, she tried different things until finally finding her true love in clothing design. And happily ever after.