Holebrook - Sustainable - Responsible -  Made to last

Holebrook - Sustainable - Responsible - Made to last

Holebrook - Sustainable - Responsible - Made to last

Some twenty years ago, Tina Karstorp had an idea. Actually, it blew her away, and it seemed impossible not to go ahead with it. Every year, summer or fall, it's the same story. Wind in the sails and sun at your back.  But anyone who has ever been at sea knows that regardless of how warm the weather is, you always need an extra sweater. One more layer, a little more warmth. But the fabric's thickness isn't always the crucial part. The wind at sea is just as welcome as it is unpredictable. It will push the boat forward or cool the people on board down.  And this is where it all started...


When we first started, there was a need for warm sweaters to keep the wind out. Today there are many other materials which can act as protective layers. That’s why we’ve taken our knowledge in knitting forward, and developed our clothes to become part of an outfit. They still have that marine feeling, though, and we’ll always return to that; to the ocean and the freedom.


For many years, we had our own factory, in Gällstad Sweden, where our sweaters were knitted. Thus, in 2004, our machinery was moved to Lithuania, where we let a local family business – not unlike our own – take over the production.  Because we produce our clothes just across the Baltic Sea, and as we purchase our yarns only from European suppliers, we have short transportations and the possibilities to affect the end results are endless.

Holebrooks Sustainable Approach


Holebrook sweden strives to create collections that are environmentally friendly and has been a main focus for them from the beginning. Twenty years ago, when Holebrook was born, Tina and Peter had their our own factory in Gällstad, just 2 swedish miles away. In 2004 the machinery was moved to Lithuania, where a local company, not unlike our own, took over the production. 

Today Holebook works with several different suppliers, all based in Europe. Yarns, fabrics and details are at the highest quality and carefully selected to fit their ideas and strive for sustainability and function. 

 Yet sustainability to us is not only about production, materials and suppliers. It just as much about high quality and long-lasting design. Holerbook's garments are made of materials that will feel good for both your skin and heart; they need to be comfortable to wear, and last over several seasons or even decades. By taking good care of your garments and using it longer, we can increase their sustainability together.


This year we celebrate 20 years! And ever since Holebrook’s first day, knitting has been our focus. Over the years, our collections have grown and expanded with new qualities. It was knitting that started it all, and we continue forward by developing our knitted garments and techniques.