Grizas - Ethical materials

Grizas - Ethical materials

GRIZAS designs feature contemporary, effortless fashion pieces with an artistic touch. Each garment is carefully developed from the first idea to the exceptional attention to detail by our talented designer team.

Created image is clean and independent, but distinguishes by hand-painted art prints and authentic textures. Comfortable fits, unusual layering with elongated silhouettes and relaxed laid-back shapes characterize GRIZAS style, that we hope gives women the confidence in their clothes and inspire them to feel free and exceptional.

For us, fashion and self-expression have no boundaries. We design for every woman: artistic, passionate, crazy and caring. We see beauty in every person. Size and age is nothing comparing to our true self.


Since the very first garment created by GRIZAS, we have always believed in the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The ability to combine traditions with modern design solutions is important to us. We support the necessity to adopt ethical approaches to the production and distribution and are happy to be going towards ecological fashion each day. There is still a long way to this goal, nonetheless we are proud of what we have already achieved:

Slow fashion – we do not provide mass consumption: our items are made to order.
Local production – all our material suppliers and the production itself is European.
One facility – GRIZAS garments are created and made under one roof and single item is fully sewn by one seamstress.
Created to last – high quality, long lasting healthy and ethical materials and meticulous sewing make the clothing durable.
Recycled packaging – all GRIZAS orders are wrapped in silk tissue paper which is dyed with soybean dye and all parcels are dispatched in 100% recycla