Alembika - Designed by Hagar Alembik

Alembika - Designed by Hagar Alembik

At Alembika we would like you to feel comfortable with your body. 
Not the body you're working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have. 
The one you have right now. 
The way you are and not the way you ought to be. 

We feel that "ought to" belongs to the past. 
Today in a post modern world there is no such thing as acceptable or unacceptable.
There is only a multiplicity of choices.
Your real power in this new world
lies in the opportunity to choose what is right for you. 

Fashion that is therapeutic. 
We, like you, believe that the essence of femininity lies in flexibility, change and flow. 
We offer you clothes that understand you.  
And know that you experience your body in a complex way. 
We offer you fashion that treats your body with respect. 
Fashion that covers it with love. 
Fashion that is therapeutic for body and soul. 


Since completing her studies at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design’s Fashion Department in the late 1980s, Alembik has been one of the most prominent fashion designers in Israel, defining local couture through her work: a combination of soft, flowing fabrics appropriate for the local climate with an eclectic color and texture scheme reminiscent of Israeli street style. In recent years she has marketed her work successfully around the world, enjoying good fortune after a difficult period that took place when she was pushed out by Hagara, the brand she’d previously founded.

Hagar raised her daughter as a single mother. Hagar started her fashion education at 30, raising her single daughter Lee while going to school. "I was the oldest student in class. Everyone was in their early 20s and I already had a 2nd grader at home, Lee would join me for a full school day in Shenkar right after she finished her school. It was quite an experience for both of us. "